Holiday FeAsT

Bring out the chocolates, the turkey, the wine,
Don’t worry about your health – you’ll be fine!
Fill your cart with too much food,
Don’t become a holiday prude!

Fill your boots, your hips, and your thighs,
And come New Year’s Eve, you’ll need a new size.
You only live once so have another drink,
“Does it have to be like this?”, you start to think.

What if we do something brand new?
Instead of giving candy, give me running shoes!
I’ll pass on the gravy and watch portion sizes,
“Just because it’s Christmas” is silly I realizes.

This year I’m going to start a new trend,
And I hope that you will join me my friend.
Rather than stuffing my face with food enough for two,
Remember above all “to thyself be true.”

So enjoy your favorite treat but do it in style,
Don’t let the holidays wipe off your healthy smile!
You’re on your own journey – you are the boss,
But a word of advice – avoid the turkey fat sauce.

(1 Tbsp of regular gravy has approximately 60 calories, most of it from saturated fats).


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