The Benefits of Group Training

Looking for a fun way to burn some extra calories? Do you prefer working out with your friends than by yourself? Want to save some money? Then maybe group training is for you!

What exactly is group training?

Many personal trainers offer group sessions where you and a friend or a few friends can work out together. Usually it will involve very few exercise machines and more functional-type training techniques.

What are benefits?

1. Motivation! We are social creatures so we work harder when other people are watching. Especially when we care what those people think about us. Working out with a partner or a small group of friends will help you push your limits and get your sweat on!

2. Accountability. Too tired? Not enough time? Enough with the lame excuses! While it may be easy at times to cop out on yourself, it is a lot harder to do that with your friends. Working with a group means that other people are counting on you and may help you get to the gym.

3. A fantastic workout!
This does depend on who you select as your personal trainer but any trainer with experience in group training will not have you waiting around while your partner does the leg press. You should expect a dynamic full-body workout with lots of body weight work, compound moves, and even plyometrics. You will work hard but paired with good nutrition, you will see results!

4. Win-win money situation.
By teaming up, personal training will cost you less and your trainer will make a little more. That’s not only great for your wallet, but it means that your trainer will really give you 110% effort in planning and delivering your group training sessions.

5. Healthy social activity. Sharing experiences together is one of the most important parts of friendship, so why not workout together? So many of our social activities revolve around food and alcohol but there are other ways to spend time together. Being active is a wonderful alternative to going out for coffee or a few drinks. Whether you are doing group training together a few times a week or simply going for a walk, it can help you build healthy relationships and a healthy body!

If you think group training might be for you and your friend(s) ask around and find out who offers it, what it costs, and most importantly, speak to people who have worked with a particular trainer before. Alternatively, if you know of a great trainer, ask them if they would consider doing group training and strike up a deal with them. You never know unless you ask!


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