Easter without chocolate…

Ever stop to think about why we buy so much chocolate for Easter?  It’s not because we want to get fatter or even that we really like chocolate. We can eat chocolate any day of the week if we really want to.  No, the reason we go crazy for chocolate during Easter is because of marketing. 

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  I am not partial to one religion but I do think that it’s kinda sad that Christian holidays in particular have become all about buying and consuming stuff.

When I was a kid, my mom was very health conscious so for Easter she would get us a bike or skipping rope and a plant of spring flowers.  I wasn’t the most grateful child back then and I can remember being a little peeved that everyone else I knew woke up to mountains and mountains of chocolate while I was stuck with a pot full of tulip bulbs that hadn’t even blossomed yet.

In retrospect, I’m really thankful that she did things her own way.  Weeks later when the chocolate was all gone, my sisters and I still had beautiful flowers blooming in our bedrooms and were running around outside playing with our new sports gear.  I couldn’t ask for a better Easter gift!



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