Power up your Chicken Soup!

Feeling under the weather?  Looking for a little comfort food?  I know few people who don’t like chicken noodle soup, especially when they’re fighting a cold.  While canned soups are not necessarily the best choice, with a few add-ins, they can make a quick and ready meal when you don’t feel like cooking or have limited ingredients in your kitchen!

What to do: Bake a skinless, boneless chicken breast in the oven. Turn oven to 350 degrees. Place chicken in baking pan with a little bit of water. Cook for 35-45min until chicken is not pink when you cut it open.  I usually bake 5-6 chicken breasts all at once and then cut them into pieces to store in a tupperware container.  That way, I always have some chicken on hand for salads, soups, stirfrys, etc.

Once you have your chicken out of the oven, open a can of chicken noodle soup (sodium-reduced is best). Pour it into a medium-sized pot and add a can of water (unless the type of soup says not to!) Add the meat of one chicken breast into your soup.  If you like veggies, you can also wash and cut up some broccoli, leeks, or baby bok choy to add in.  Heat up your soup on medium heat and let simmer until your veggies are cooked.  Enjoy!


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