24 Hour Ghetto Workout

This you need a gym to get in shape? WRONG!  All you need is some good sneakers, comfortable clothing, and motivation!  Think you don’t have enough money to be fit? Garbage! There are plenty of ways to train your body without having weights or fancy equipment. Head to your local playground, high school running track (even better if they have bleachers with stairs), or even your back yard.  There are hundreds of strength, agility, and endurance exercises you can do with minimal equipment!

I would recommend using playgrounds and other structures that are intended to be weight bearing.  Not too long ago, a college student at Western was doing pullups on the door frame of his apartment building and the beam broke, ending with a ride to the hospital.  Use common sense here people!

Take a look at this clip about the 24 Hour Ghetto Workout.  Some of the moves these guys have are incredible! 

For those of you who are not quite so hardcore or advanced, Jennifer DiDonato, a personal trainer from Detroit, MI, has a great instructional series about playground workouts on her Brides Made Fit blog. Check it out below for some great exercise ideas! 

Have a wonderful and active day!


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