The benefits of yoga

If you haven’t heard, yoga can be a great way to calm down, reduce stress, and even strengthen your muscles.  Depending on the type of yoga you engage in, you can end up doing hundreds of pushups, lunges, and squats during the class.  Not only are these moves great for building muscular strength and endurance, but they are functional movements and don’t require any extra equipment!

Better yet, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do yoga.  If you don’t have extra money to attend a class at a private studio, you can take out a DVD or a book from your local library to get started.  And don’t forget the internet!  You can find tons of websites and videos on YouTube that will teach you basic moves to get started.  All you need is comfortable clothes and a yoga mat.  I recommend a recycled plastic mat (the kind they sell practically everywhere) if you will be doing yoga outside.  Rubber mats are better for the planet but get wrecked if you take them into the sun. 

While there is a correct form to each posture, there is no “right” sequence for doing yoga.  You can plan out your own sequence before you start or try a sun salutation (there are so many versions).  Be creative. Be calm.  Enjoy the movement and be present.  You have and are everything that you need to be.


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