Is it okay to eat peanut butter in public?

I love natural peanut butter!  I love it so much that it’s a deal breaker for me and it’s my go to when I’m in a rush or need a quick healthy snack.  I like peanut butter on apples, carrots, celery, and even popcorn!   It’s good in sandwiches and on bananas and in protein shakes…not to mention peanut satay chicken and thai food and so many wonderful tasty dishes. But is it wrong of me to eat peanut butter and nuts in public? 

I admit that I don’t really think about it – I just put a glob into a little Tupperware container and throw it into my lunch bag.  Last year I accidentally gave my little cousin the same thing with some apple slices, along with a peanut butter sandwich, forgetting that schools no longer allow peanuts.  I was so embarrassed!  Yet, 8 months later, I haven’t given much thought to my public consumption of peanut butter until today, when I decided that maybe I should.

As far as I know it’s not against the rules to have peanut butter on the bus, or in a shopping mall food court, an airport, a public park, or anywhere else where eating is permitted.  In fact many restaurants serve it and coffee shops often have peanut butter cookies.  Potentially peanut butter is deadly to those allergic to it but yet I can go around eating peanut butter sandwiches wherever I want (except elementary schools).  I honestly want to know how people deal with this!  Also, I have decided to keep my peanut butter consumption at home…just in case.


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