Strengthen your Weakest Links

I love lifting weights but I usually do the exercises that I really enjoy.  For example, I love training legs and back, but I am not a huge fan of chest workouts or shoulders and biceps.  It’s kind of pathetic actually!  I can squat over 100lbs and yet I can maybe do 6reps of bicep curls at 20lbs.  I think it’s time to balance things out a little bit by working on my weakest links, as well as my strengths.

As a fitness enthusiast, I think many lessons we learn through physical work can be applied to life as well 😀  Most of us don’t sit around thinking about what we could do better or how we can improve our skills.  One of the classes I am taking this semester is all about reflecting on self and how we relate to other people.  I think it’s extremely valuable to do this so that you learn from yourself and the experiences life gives you.  Sure, it can get to be a bit much to read article after article about caring and how to do it, but I think we often forget how much our actions and words mean to others.

How can we be more self-aware?

1. Think before you speak. Simple. Powerful.

2. Write it down. Whether you are aiming to improve your marathon time, your deadlift, or your relationships with friends and loved ones, writing about it can help you sort out what you are good at and what needs improvement.

3. Make art! Some things are better expressed without words.  Paint, draw, sing, dance, fingerpaint!  Make something that expresses how you feel about a situation, a person, or even yourself.

4. Meditate. Quiet time slows us down and brings us into our inner selves where we can reflect and “watch” ourselves.  “You” are the one who is watching yourself breathe, think, act, etc.  This can be difficult for many people so I recommend checking out a local meditation class at a yoga studio or exploring meditation instruction (CDs work better than books usually).

Have a wonderful day and remember “Sharing is Caring!”

~Live Inspired~


Corny but oh so true!



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