The art of napping

Napping is something that we tend to associate with small children and older adults who fall asleep while reading in their favourite chair.  In some cultures, a siesta, or afternoon nap, is the norm and their workday is set up around it so that shops and businesses are closed for a few hours in the middle of the day.  While this may seem strange to us and definitely counter to our culture of busy, the importance of getting enough sleep and relaxing more cannot be understated.  There is always more work to do and chances are you will do a better job if you are well-rested and alert.

Tips for a good nap:

  • Close the blinds to shut out the daylight; alternatively, you can use an eye mask
  • Make a sign to post on your door so that you won’t be disturbed
  • Don’t do it at work
  • If you have a time limit, be sure to set your alarm first
  • Change into comfy clothes (although I would argue that all your clothes should be comfy to a degree)
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Think about your breathing
  • Let yourself feel heavy
  • Enjoy!

No time to nap?  Try to get to sleep a little earlier on a regular basis, eat a healthy diet, and exercise.  This combo helps reduce stress and increases energy levels 🙂  

~Live Inspired~!