The Cardio Twister

If you haven’t had the pleasure of encountering this exercise machine, let me introduce you.  The Cardio Twister is a “Super fun, effective, full body workout system.”  For only 5 easy payments of $49.99 ($250) you get this awkward piece of cardio equipment that will gather dust in your closet or spare room for years. You also get a 10-day diet plan.

I think it’s pretty clear that I dislike the Cardio Twister.  Here are my reasons why:

  1. It’s a waste of valuable planetary resources (metal, plastic, etc.)
  2. There are thousands of exercises that you can do without any exercise equipment that would be a) better, b) free, and c) better for the planet.
  3. A 10 day diet plan is not exactly designed for long-term success.  Anyone will lose fat and water weight fast if they eat a low calorie diet for a week.  After which, I might point out, they usually gain it back + a little extra. Dislike.
  4. The fitness models in the infomercial did not get cut and chiseled using the Cardio Twister.  Hate to bust your bubble but they have been lifting weights and doing real workouts, as well as eating a strict diet to prepare for taping of the video.
  5.  There are no randomized clinical trials showing that it is better (or even just as good as) regular exercise without this “miracle” product.  Maybe I should do one lol.
  6. Finally, I have never even heard of this “fitness expert” – who is she and what qualifies her to design exercise equipment?  Does she have a background in biomechanics or engineering?  How do I know that this unnatural movement is safe for my joints or that it is structurally sound and not going to break?

Do yourself a favour and save your money!  Get outside and walk, run, bike, and play.  We were meant to move, not to spend money on stupid crap that clutters up our lives.

~Live Inspired~!