Gym Etiquette

You would think it would be common sense not to leave a treadmill running, or snatch other people’s barbells when they run to the water fountain… Which brings us to the question of “What is proper gym etiquette and why should I care?”

Gym etiquette means respecting others and not being an idiot.  It also means that you keep the gym a safe place.


Guidelines for Gym Etiquette:

  1. Put away your weights when you are finished, especially if they are heavy.  This lets people know you are done with them, prevents them from tripping on them, and opens up limited floor space for others. Sharing is caring.
  2. Don’t steal other people’s equipment. Sometimes it is hard to know if something is being used so unless it’s 5am and you are the only person in the gym, look around, ask, and then go for it.  Hint: if there’s a stacked barbell at 5am it’s probably being used so go get your own!
  3. Wipe it off!  Other people’s sweat….mmmm…don’t you just want to touch it?  Obviously I am being facetious.  It is pretty rude not to wipe down your equipment when you are done with it.   As a general rule, wiping off dumbbells and barbells is not expected.  Make sure you wash your hands after your workout!
  4. Wear appropriate clothes.  Ratty airwalk sneakers, jeans, or short-shorts that actually show your glutes do not belong in a public gym.  Other things are a matter of taste and comfort (wearing a sports bra without a shirt, wearing makeup, muscle shirts, etc.)
  5. Turn off your treadmill. The next person will expect that you did and could really beef it if they try to get on while it’s going.
  6. Watch your language.  I don’t want to hear about your hook ups or your bar star adventures while I’m working out.  The same goes for swearing.  Just so you know, the person working out next to you could be a friend of your mom or dad, a professor, a future employer, or just about anyone. You can never take back a first impression.
  7. Don’t hit on the personal trainers. Or add them to facebook. Or stand in front of their desk in cut-off jean shorts and do endless sets of bicep curls. Just don’t.