Lessons from Safety Scissors

Remember the frustration of trying to cut a straight line across a piece of construction paper?  You cut all the way across, completely certain that this time it’s going to be perfect!  Surely nobody has ever made such a perfect, clean,beautiful straight edge across a piece of paper using a pair of blunt metal scissors…or at least that is what you boast to your five-year-old self until you hold up the paper.

Despite your best efforts, your “straight” line veers off to one side.  “This won’t do!”  you tell yourself.  And so you try to fix it by trimming it just a little….which fails horribly because now the other side is crooked.  And the “fixing” continues until there’s no paper left or you give up and crumple up the paper in anger.

Sometimes we get so focused on small things that we can’t see the big picture.  In terms of fitness, this often takes the form of counting calories, making a missed workout into an “epic catastrophe”, and following the number on the scale like it’s the stock market.  Micromanagement of your fitness life is not healthy for your mind, your spirit, o your physical self.  Being active and eating well should bring joy and energy to your life, not stress & obsession.

It’s easy to buy into the diet industry mentality that you’ve got to keep track of every single calorie you eat and that an extra almond will be your undoing.  This is simply not true!  Let go of arbitrary rules and start learning to eat when you are hungry and to run or dance or swim because it makes you happy 🙂

Put away your “safety scissors” and stop cutting yourself up.  You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are so treat yourself with the kindness & love you deserve!


~Live Inspired~!