Top 10 Things to do Outside Today

Remember the days before the internet and fancy gyms?  It’s time to take a vacation from the air conditioning and plug-in machines.  Get outside and embrace the summer weather while it is available!   Better for your health, the environment, and your soul!

Here’s my top 10 awesome things to do today.

  1. Learn to play a lawn sport.  From Bocce ball to croquet, horse shoes to lawn bowling, there are some awesome outdoor games that you probably haven’t played recently (if at all).  Find someone who knows how to play (some cities have clubs) or scour the internet for instructions and find a used set of equipment from Kijiji.  Guaranteed fun for everyone!
  2. Have a photo scavenger hunt.  Make a list of random things that your friends (or kids, or other people) have to find/take pictures of.  Have a race and give the winner(s) something fabulous.
  3. Play soccer, touch football, or ultimate frisbee. Obviously awesome. And easy to set up.
  4. Water games.  With a couple of buckets, some water, and some sponges, you can easily set up a water relay race.  Alternatively, you can have a water fight and chase each other with the hose or water guns.  Always ridiculous.
  5. Free Swimming.  Tim Horton’s sponsors free swimming throughout the summer at city pools in Ontario (sorry my Coastal friends).  Of course you can always find a random backyard pool if you are a fast runner with a rebellious streak…
  6. Skateboarding.  Not my stronger suit but if you can hack it, it’s a great way to get some activity and be outside.  Looking for something tamer?  Try long-boarding.  All the hip cool kids are doing it.
  7. Play four-square.  Rewind to your school days, get some sidewalk chalk, and make yourself a court.  Who doesn’t want to relive their childhood for a little while?   For added awesomeness, play it in a park and invite random people to join.
  8. Hit the track  Find a school track and give yourself an awesome and efficient workout.  Warm up with a couple laps, stretch, then do some sprints.  A few sets of 100m and 2oom walk-backs are a great start.  You will burn a ton of calories, it’s free, and it’s better for the environment than running on a treadmill.
  9. Play tennis.  One of my favorite things to do in the summer as a kid was hit a tennis ball back and forth over a line in the road with one of my friends.   There was a tennis court down the street but it was usually occupied so that line in front of her house was the next best thing.  Tennis is easy to learn and there are courts in most places (if not, there’s always a vacant lot or a driveway somewhere!
  10. Yoga.  Find a peaceful corner of a park or use your balcony or deck to practice.  Center yourself, set your intentions for the day, and enjoy the beauty of being.

What are your top 10?  Summer is half way over, so I encourage you to make your list and start doing all the wonderful things you love to do outside when it’s warm.  Hike Algonquin, canoe in the Thames, run around the park with your dog, blow bubbles!  Whatever makes your soul happy and keeps your body healthy 🙂


~Live Inspired~!