Random Acts of Fitness

There’s nothing wrong with following a deliberate and purposeful training plan to achieve a fitness goal but sometimes Random Acts of Fitness (RAFs) are much more fun!   From random bouts of pushups throughout the day to running a marathon in a Hawaiian shirt while visiting Australia,  bring more joy to your life through movement.  

The best:

  1. Be safe.  A back flip off a picnic table may be impressive but it could also end poorly.  RAFs as a rule should not put your life at risk (obviously) and be reasonable for your current level of fitness.
  2.  Involve others.  We are social animals so why not challenge your pal to a friendly match of pickup basketball or go to the park to have a chin up contest? 
  3. Be prepared to break into a run at any time.  Back in the day, wild humans ran here and there all the time.  Some still do, though arguably not so much in North America where most people would rather drive than risk sweating in their dry-clean-only suits or trendy dresses.   Understandably it may not be practical to start running randomly but you can stash a gym bag in your car and change first.  It’s nice to always have the option of working out on your lunch break or meeting a friend for a game of squash after that 4pm meeting.
  4. Create an adventure.  Explore the backyard, go to the park, visit a local trail.  Chances are there is something really cool right in your own neighborhood.  Pack a lunch, hop on your bike, and go where your pedals take you. 
  5.  Sign up on race day.  On a day that you have no plans, see what’s going on the night before and sign up for an event that you like to do.  Make sure it’s something that you have the ability and gear for.  For instance, you don’t want to enter a surf lifesaving competition if you don’t even know what a rescue board is and a marathon won’t be much fun if you can’t even walk around the block without dying. 
  6. Make it up.  Every sport was invented by someone so why not make up your own game?  You don’t need a lot of equipment and you can create the rules as you go, though “No head shots” is probably a good place to start ;).  From “Killball” with dodgeballs and ice cream buckets to “Noodle Hockey” with pool noodles and frisbees, you never know what you’ll come up with!
  7. Embrace your inner child.  Remember the joy and the freedom of playing.  We are meant to run and move, not just sit there!  Feel the sunshine on your face and the wind messing up your hair.  Play more.  Forget about obsessin over breaking records and looking like the photoshopped people on magazine covers – love what you’re doing!   Ironically, the more you love what you are doing, the more likely you are to maximize your athletic potential and get the body of your dreams anyway. 
  8. Learn something new.  Maybe you love playing tennis or are a super fantastic triathlete but you just don’t know it yet ;).   It’s never too late to try a new activity.   It may seem kind of random to take ski lessons when you’re 60 or learn to swim in your 20s, but you just might have a knack for it! 

~Live Inspired~!