Simple Workouts to Do at Home

Don’t have enough time to get to the gym? Or maybe you are just feeling a little extra lazy today?  Well now, here are some workouts for you.  Get off the couch and get in a little workout – your metabolism will thank you 😉


Thank you to the lovely kin students in Winnipeg for this it!

Instructions: do as many burpies as you can.  Now do 5 more. Catch your breathe.  Repeat.


This one is especially good if you live in an apartment building, Crowell Tower, or are staying in a hotel during a snowstorm (real or imagined).

Instructions: Start at the bottom of the stairwell. Sprint (or run) all the way up to the top.  Walk/jog back down to the start.  Repeat as many times as you can in 20 minutes.  You can also make it more challenging by alternating your stepping pattern each set.  Try single step, double step, left leg leading, right leg leading, and/or bunny hops just to name a few variations.  You can also fill a backpack with heavy things (I recommend something soft like a bag of flour vs dumbbells that may stab you in the spine) or strap on some ankle weights for added resistance.


Don’t have a treadmill in your basement?  Don’t have a basement?  No problem!  Burn some fat and work your muscles with a tabata style workout.

1 round = 20s as fast as you can of exercise + 10s rest x 8 reps (4 minutes total)

Aim to complete 3-6 sets, depending on your fitness level.

Exercise selection:  If you aren’t so hardcore, you may want to alternate between upper and lower exercise within each tabata round.  For example, do 2os pushups, 10 s rest, 20s squats, 10s rest and repeat until the 4 min is up. You can also try some lunge jumps, mountain climbers, chair dips, plank crawlers, up downs, etc.  You can also do one exercise for the whole 4 min round then switch it up.  Challenge yourself to get as many reps in your last set as you did in your first!  Also, make sure you rest in between sets to recover.


You can just make something up.  Have 10min and that’s it?

Do as many reps as you can in 15 seconds each of:

  1. pushups
  2. Squats
  3. Plank crawlers
  4. Lunge jumps (or tuck jumps)

See how many rounds you can do in your small timeframe.  Sure beats sitting on the couch!

It’s amazing how much you can do with next to nothing when that’s all you have to work with.  Not that I don’t love barbells and kettlebells…just saying, they aren’t always necessary.  You can get a super workout without taking up your whole day 🙂

~Live Inspired~!