January Gym Survival Tips

I have mixed feelings about January and fitness. On one hand, it is nice to see people attempt to get in better shape but as a regular gym-goer I find it extremely irritating when the gym is packed with people. I don’t know about you, but my idea of a good time if not spending 3 hours in the gym waiting for a free bench or squat rack!

We all know that most New Year’s Resolutions fail but yet many continue to pledge allegiance to unrealistic resolutions annually. While it is tempting to jump off the couch and run to the gym, if you are new to fitness, January is probably the worst time to start because it is so busy. If regular gym-goers find the January crowding frustrating, I can only imagine how disheartening it must be for the newcomer.

So for those of you who love the gym, here are some strategies to avoid the craziness of working out in January:

  1.  Work out at the crack of dawn while sane people are still snoozing
  2.  Avoid prime time (4-8pm in the evening)
  3.  Plan workouts that use one or two pieces of equipment so that you don’t have to wait for other people
  4.  Go to the crappiest gym in town – guaranteed it will be less busy than the fancy new one across town. If you know what you’re doing and you don’t have any injuries, you can create a solid workout with a few basic pieces of equipment
  5.  Try a Crossfit gym

And if you wish to avoid the gym entirely but still get a kick-butt workout, here are some ideas that may inspire you:

  1.  Run or walk outside
  2.  Embrace home or prison style workouts (burpies, pushups, lunges, squats, etc.)
  3.  Do yoga
  4.  Rent some workout DVDs from your local library
  5.  Join your local powerlifting club – you will get stronger and improve your technique
  6.  Try a boxing or kickboxing class (a real one) – you will definitely get your money’s worth!
  7.  Embrace a new sport – you just might like it.

Whether you decide to brave the gym or try something different, don’t forget the golden rule – treat others the way you wish to be treated. Respecting other people is always in style 😉

~Live Inspired~!