Take it to the Track!

In my hometown, the minute the snow melted (and sometimes even before then) it was time to put away the basketball kicks and get out the running shoes.  Our track wasn’t fancy – just a big old circle covered in crushed gravel in the middle of a town park – but the beauty of running is that you can train practically anywhere!

Although I do like trail and road running, there’s something special about track workouts.  From a fat loss perspective, speed work burns more calories and will give you a much more efficient workout than a distance run.  They can also add some variety to your workouts and help increase your running power and speed.  Another great aspect of track training is that people with different fitness levels are able to work out together without the slower folks getting dropped or lost on the way.   Finally, the track is also the perfect place to work on your running skills.  Drills that focus on technique and form are not easily done on the sidewalk in the middle of downtown or on a trail where you may look (and feel) a little silly and get in the way of others (or accidentally kick someone!).   If you’re not already familiar with working out on a track, here’s a little workout to help get you started:

Beginner Track Workout:

Find yourself an outdoor track with grass in the centre.  Bring a few pylons if you have them or a couple of Frisbees or even sweatshirts will do as markers if the track isn’t already marked for you.


100m Skipping, walk back

2 x 20m forward walking lunges, walk back

2 x 20m “A”s, walk back

2 x 20m butt kicks, walk back

2 x 20m karaoke, down leading with right leg, back leading with left leg

2 x 20m run at 50% speed

2 x 20m accelerations to 75%


Main Set:

6 x 200m accelerations to 85% speed, walk back (or around to start)

4 x 100m accelerations to 90% speed, walk back (or around)

Warm down:

Jog 2 laps


~Live Inspired~!