September Goals

September is a time of new beginnings and of getting your act together.   After a summer of liberty and some lazy afternoons lounging around it’s time to shift gears and establish a new routine.  Although many people like to set their fitness goals in January as part of a New Year’s Resolution, I think it’s important to do goal-setting several times a year.  This allows you to reflect on how you did with your previous goals, what went well, what you could do differently this time, and where you’d like to be in a few months.

This September I find myself left hanging in uncertainty.  I am nine months pregnant (due date is September 20th) and starting the first year of my PhD in nursing.  Being a planner, I have tried to organize as much as I can to prepare for a busy semester but I realize that there is so much that I cannot plan for.   I have no idea how much sleep I’m going to get or how my baby is going to be….I don’t know how my body is going to respond to the whole birthing process… So my plan?  The acceptance plan – I’m going to roll with the punches and take things as they come.  There is no perfect life and sometimes having too many expectations about how things “should” be can be terribly stressful when it doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped.

Does this mean I won’t be making fitness goals?  Yeah right!  My goals from now until Christmas break are a little more flexible/vague than in the past, but fitness is still an important aspect of my life (and sanity).  I also think it will be a little easier for me because I don’t have a car which means I will be walking and taking the bus J

My fitness goals:

  1. Do something active every day (spend lots of time outside!)
  2. Complete at least 2 weight workouts/week
  3. Take baby swimming once a week
  4. Begin running again when I’m ready
  5. Start shopping at the farmer’s market once a week (which was impossible to do when I was doing shift work)

Notice that I didn’t put anything in there about getting back to a certain weight or size.  It’s not about that for me.  Sure, I have a box of clothes that I would love to fit back into but weight loss is a side effect of being active and eating well.  Obsessing about a certain number on the scale or a specific dress size is a good way to drive yourself crazy, not to mention that it takes your focus away from more important things.

If you haven’t already set a few fitness goals this month, it may be a good time to jot a few down.  What do you want to accomplish before the new year kicks in?  How can you set yourself up for success?

Have a terrific Wednesday!


~Live Inspired~!



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