Challenge? Or…Opportunity?

Roadblocks are nothing more than a chance to show that you’re tougher than you think.  Do you really think that you are alone in your struggle?  That you’ve got it tougher than others or simply don’t believe that you can overcome something?   I hate to bust your pity party but get over yourself!  See that picture of the pyramids?  How hard do you think building those were?  Working a slave in the hot desert with no modern electric-powered equipment?  Don’t tell me your life is too hard.

Difficulties are nothing more than a chance to shine.  Life isn’t perfect.  For anyone.  You can celebrate the amazing things and conquer the difficulties or you can give in and be a coward and run away from the things that scare you.  Of course there will be times when things are tough and it feels like you are climbing through a dark muddy hole all alone but I promise you, you are not alone in your journey.

Things that can help you on your way:

1. Being stubborn.  The ability to stick with it even when people say you can’t do it or when things get really hard can be very advantageous for overcoming difficulties in life and in sports.  If you want something bad enough, you will stick with it.

2. Resilience.  The ability to get back up after being knocked down is also very important.  Just because you don’t succeed doesn’t mean that you are a failure.  It simply means that you have more to learn, whether it’s a lesson in patience or improving a specific technique.  Think you never fell down when you were learning to walk?

3. A “bring it on” attitude.  That voice that says “hit me! Give it your best shot!”  – this signifies that you are ready and determined to take on whatever challenges come your way – you are ready to “take the charge”, so to speak.  You are able to recognize the obstacles in your path and tackle them the best you know how.  No sitting around thinking “poor me” – you take action to make things happen, regardless of the situation.

4. Planning.  Like they say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Life can feel a lot more crazy and out of control if you are unorganized.  By no means do you have to label everything or have your hangers facing all the way (unless that really matters to you) but having a gym bag packed the night before and making healthy meals ahead of time can really help you overcome challenges to living a healthy lifestyle.  When we are tired and rushed, we often make poor decisions so being prepared can nip it in the bud.

5. Gratitude.  As much as it is important to focus on overcoming the challenges in your life, taking the time to appreciate all the good things is also essential.   I keep a list on my phone so during times when I am frustrated I can look back at the running list of wonderful blessings in my life.  Taking deep breaths and connecting with loved ones are also great ways to stay centered and express gratitude for the miracle that is your life, hardships included.

I am a firm believer that nobody is ever given more than they can handle and that there is a reason and a lesson in everything.  This doesn’t necessarily make things easier but in the end, hardships make us stronger; through overcoming challenges, we find out that we are made of stronger mettle than we ever thought possible.

~Live Inspired~!



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