My Precision Nutrition Adventure!

emilyIn July I started the Lean Eating Coaching Program with Precision Nutrition and I LOVE IT!!   Here’s a picture of me this week, almost 1 year after having a baby and 8 weeks into lean eating.  Even though I know a lot about nutrition and exercise, I think the secret to weight loss is to have support and accountability from people who know what they are doing.  Yes, even trainers can benefit from having a trainer!

Life has been super busy and I haven’t been posting very often but I hope that your fitness adventure continues to go well!  I am starting year 2 of my PhD in nursing, doing research, publishing papers, helping teach university classes, working P/T as a nurse, and having a blast being a mom!  My workouts have been more HIIT-style workouts in my living room with a few pieces of equipment and that has been working well for me.  I also hit the gym whenever I am able to 🙂  Some days I am tired but I always feel better after a workout, even if it’s just a small one.  Every little bit counts!!   Sure, we all have lots on the go and don’t always feel like running a marathon (or even a 5k) but it’s not about being “perfect”!   We can only live one day at a time and we can only do our best, whatever that is today.  Over time, it will get easier, we will get stronger, and we will surprise the heck out of ourselves!

Hope this post finds you well!  Happy Saturday!!

~Live Inspired~!




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