Easy DIY Natural Deodorant

I’ve been on a kick lately to use fewer chemicals and plastics in my life.  Deodorant is one thing that I’ve been reluctant to give up, especially because I work out a lot and let’s face it, nobody really enjoys that BO smell, even if it is all natural.  In my search for alternatives to Lady Speed Stick, I have tried more natural versions like Tom’s of Maine and sticks of salt crystals that you wet before applying.  These options might work well for some people but I didn’t find these products particularly effective and some of the natural ingredients irritated my skin.

Anyway, I have found something that does work for me and it’s super simple: baking soda and tea tree oil applied with a powder puff.  I used an old tea tin from David’s Tea that is just the right size for the powder puff I got (I think it was $7 at the Superstore).  I put in some baking soda, added a few drops of tea tree oil, closed the lid and shook the container to mix it up.  Ta da!  That’s it.  Apply to dry skin in the morning and after workouts.  I like to do it before getting dressed so it doesn’t get on my clothes.  Works like a charm. Saves you money. Less crap in the landfill.  I think that’s pretty rad.




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