4 weeks out and a photoshoot

postSince my last post a few things happened. I took some days off training, I applied to teach a kinesiology course about physical activity and aging, and I had my first real photoshoot with an amazing photographer to celebrate my Lean Eating journey with Precision Nutrition (more about that next week). In retrospect planning to compete in a fitness event in June was probably not the best timing with all of the things I have going on in my life. I am moving into a new place at the end of May and trying to write my dissertation proposal while trying to lean down. As you know, stress is not beneficial for body composition and training hard also requires a lot of rest and sleep (which I don’t get enough of!).

So here’s my confession, so to speak. I have committed to doing this show on June 21st but now I’m sitting on the fence about doing it. I am absolutely thrilled with the photos from yesterday but it made me question why I want to do the show in the first place. I think it’s really great to have fitness goals but I really like my body right now. I don’t need a panel of judges to tell me I’m beautiful (or not). I realize that I’m not as lean as most people get for fitness shows but I also eat whatever I want (granted, I often want to eat kale salad or broccoli & tempeh stirfry, but I do eat homemade bread and go out for ice cream too) and I am healthy and happy.

Don’t get me wrong, training for a fitness show is hard work and not everyone can do it, but fitness (and life) is about more than just looking good. I remember a few months ago I was working out at my gym and an older gentleman asked me what I was training for. I chuckled and told him I was training for life; for playing with my son at the park and carrying my groceries; for helping me with my job as a nurse; for being healthy and strong.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to do the fitness show but I had a fantastic leg workout tonight and will continue to enjoy my training. I also wanted to share a few of my favourite photos from yesterday (none of them have retouched) and encourage you to eat real food, lift weights, and  toss out your scale.  I am 165lb at 5’8″ and a size 8. I can do real pushups, deadlift 200lb, squat 165lb, and bench 120lb. Still working on those pullups 😉

Keep it real and have a wonderful night!

IMG_5102 IMG_4675



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