Strategic Investment for Health & Fitness


This is Week 2 of my series on Fitness & Financial Health.  As I discussed last week, over the next few weeks I am going to discuss strategies and habits that will improve your health and fitness without busting your wallet.

This week we are going to talk about strategic investment.  It may sound fancy, but all it means is that you intentionally spend your money on things that are important to you, while cutting back on things that aren’t as important. Frugal fitness isn’t about not spending ANY money on health and fitness or mooching as much as you can for free; it’s about looking at the big picture in terms of what is important to you and making intentional choices about how you spend your money.

STEP 1. Right now think about what you value most.   Take a minute to write it down.

My list is pretty short.  Things that are the most important to me are (1) my son, (2) friends and family, (3) making nursing and health care better, and (4) being healthy, happy, and fit.

STEP 2. Spend money on what’s important.  Don’t spend it on crap that doesn’t matter.

This really isn’t rocket science but it can still be tough, especially when you have a limited income.  Having been a student for 13 years (yes, really) I have never made very much money and I made a lot of dumb decisions before learning how to use money effectively.  Through many years of trial and error I have learned to spend my money based on my needs and priorities rather than buying things thoughtlessly or impulsively or living a lifestyle I can’t afford.


Now for a little self-reflection…

Uncrumple those receipts you saved over the past week and take a look at each one.

Did your spending choices this week add value to your life?   

Did you regret any of your spending choices?  Which ones?  Consider why you feel this way.

Now add up the total money you spent on different things (e.g. food & supplements, entertainment, transportation, etc.).  Are you surprised by any of the numbers?

Based on what you spent last week, what can you do differently this week to spend less money on things that aren’t that important to you? (Write it down).


To do: Save your receipts this week in a separate envelope or jar (keep the ones you already have too!)

Thanks for joining in and see you next week!





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