Hit the Track for a Free Workout

Ah, track workouts!  Brings back fond memories of high school, running line drills at the end of basketball practice, and doing the beep test (aka watching my sister kill the beep test long after I had to stop…).  The thing about sprints (and high-intensity interval training generally) is that they are really hard when you are out of shape but can be a lot of fun when you are fit.  AS we have learned through many research studies about windgate interval training (basically an all-out bike sprint for 15-30s that makes you feel like you are going to die followed by a long rest), sprints are also are very effective at improving your overall aerobic capacity (i.e. the ability of your body to use oxygen and manage energy) very quickly.  Sprinting also doesn’t require fancy equipment, making it cheap and easy, not to mention better for the planet than those carbon-sucking treadmills in air conditioned gyms (which in spite of this I sometimes use because there is no daycare at the track and an almost-two-year-old makes a really bad training partner).

There are many ways to plan a track workout but I think it’s important to use the sandwich method: warm-up, main set(s), warm-down/stretch.  This reduces the risk of injuries and allows you time to read your body.  Some days you  can push harder than others; some days you need to back off.  Learn to listen to your body.

This workout is designed to be done on a running track but if you don’t have one around or available to you, you can modify it to do outside. A low-traffic street near your house or in a local park will do just fine! The distances won’t be perfect but it doesn’t matter – the key thing is that you are working your butt off 😉  If you are just starting out, I recommend doing 1-2 sets of each sprint in the main set rather than the whole thing.  Enjoy!


jog 2 laps (~800m)

20 jumping jacks

10 pushups

10 walking lunges with side twist

2 x 20m high knees (walkbacks)

2 x 20m “A”s (walkbacks)

2 x 20m “B”s (walkbacks)

2 x 20m butt kicks (walkbacks)



4 x 200m sprint at 75% speed (walk back)

6 x 100m sprint 80% speed (walk back)

2 x 50m sprint 95% speed (walk back)



2 laps jog


Give yourself a high-five!



*DISCLAIMER* As always, use common sense when doing exercise.  If you are not currently active or have injuries or any medical conditions that may affect your ability to exericse, you should complete a PAR-Q form and see your healthcare provider before attempting this workout.


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