Cut the Crap!


It really bothers me when companies try to pass something as healthy just because it’s full of natural ingredients.  Just because you’re eating a cake made out of rice flour, cane sugar, and coconut milk doesn’t mean it is actual good for you! 

Newsflash – crap food made with natural/vegan/gluten-free ingredients is still crap food.  Maybe you get half a star for eating less meat or staying away from flour that will rot your gut but seriously, what are you thinking?  Just because it says “All Natural” doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all.  If you are following a special diet, of course you can indulge once in a while but it’s still not food you should eat all the time.   A cake is a cake is a cake.  Let’s be honest – if it only contained things that were good for you (fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc.) it probably wouldn’t satisfy our “cake” tastebuds.   Why?  Because cake is made out of sugar and flour…because cake has icing on it…because if I’m going to eat a piece of cake, it’s going to be freaking delicious and unfortunately that doesn’t always involve steamed beet greens and lentils.

So go ahead, have your vegan gluten-free carrot cake or a box of cookies made by nature fairies, but don’t pretend that you are eating something equivalent to a homemade bowl of chili or a quinoa salad. 

~Live Inspired~!